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  • Health Food Shop in Powys
  • Whole Foods in Llandridnod Wells

Vans Good Food Shop

25 - Oct - 2014

Serving Healthy Organic Foods...


Health Food Supplies in Mid Wales

Organic Fruits

Welcome to Our Website

When you are looking for organic foods in Mid Wales, make a call to Vans Good Food Shops. Based in Llandridnod Wells, we have been serving the local community and travellers passing through for 36 years.

Organic Foods in Llandridnod Wells

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to modern growing techniques, or are a vegetarian or vegan, then Vans Good Food Shops is for you. We are a well established business with a comprehensive range of products and services, including:

  • Organic Foods
  • Whole Foods
  • Health Foods
  • Health Supplements
  • Recycled Glassware
  • Fairtrade Foods
  • Organic Wines, Spirits and Beer

So if you would like the help of experienced healthy food sellers, why not pop into our high profile high street shop today?

Whole Food Supplies in Mid Wales

Organic foods are grown with no pesticides and are totally natural, so our products are a real healthy alternative to most products. The owner of our business, Kenneth Powell, first started selling healthy foods and products in the 60s, starting one of the first ten whole food shops in the country after leaving London for a change of lifestyle, so you can be assured that we have a lot of experience in what we do. As we are based in a tourist area, we are well suited to serving customers who may need to stock up on supplies during their travels.

Contact Us

So whenever you are looking for a whole food shop, why not give us a ring today? We can easily be reached on 0159 782 3074, or you can e-mail us at or via the 'Contact Us' page of our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you, so when you are looking for healthy and organic products, make Vans Good Food Shops your number one choice.

  • Organic Foods in Llandridnod Wells
  • Health Food Supplies in Mid Wales
  • Organic Food Supplies in Mid Wales
  • Whole Food Supplies in Mid Wales
  • Organic Food Shop in Powys